About the Author

Anonymous, the author of The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor , has many books to his or her credit, including scholars agree, The Iliad, The Odyssey, parts of The Bible, and such monuments of anonymous poetry as "Here I sit broken hearted," and "For information on Indian River groin rot..."

The present manuscript was submitted uncredited to TexEditing.com in March, 2014. The copywriting and editing site is presenting the work without any changes to the original text. Proceeds from the use of this multi-media entertainment will help to fund the TexEditing.com mission of providing quality copywriting services to persons in the visual arts.

The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor is an interactive satirical picture book for grown-ups.

Disclaimer and Dedication

The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor ought to have a genuine disclaimer. People and events depicted aren't real; similarities are accidental. We allow there's connection between things, but this is a satirical fiction. Words approximate truth but they aren't it, as all know who read or speak them a bit.

We acknowledge the works by Harry Clarke; the late Doug Heller we truly must thank. We wouldn't know the Beatles and Dylan, without Kevin Loader: Thank you, Kevin! I thank lastly my kids and wife Joie, without whom my head would go kablooey.