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Story Grammar: A dark satire of the public schools
by Drew Zimmerman

Now in its third edition, available through Amazon and Amazon Kindle!

A dark satire of the public schools, Story Grammar presents a tragic year at Rockland High, where a series of seeming accidents punishes violators of the sacred trust of education and exalts its champion. Can mercurial teacher Dexter Matherson be stopped before more students are killed--or learn Standard English?

"..targets everyone!" "..a post-modern classic!"

The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor
by Anonymous

A satirical, interactive Dr. Seuss for adults, The Mystery of Bitter Root Manor tells in a comic-book style the story of the libertine Archer clan and their adventures on the frontier of behavioral research, cool gadgets, and hot 60s catsuits.

An epic in iambic pentameter, this spoof of 1966 pop culture was dropped off anonymously with the artists' copywriting gang over at Texediting.com (our sister site) and requires the reader to answer Beatles, Batman, and Bond trivia to move glibly from chapter to chapter. It's Zowie Fun!

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The Story Grammar Audio Book
A FREE! chapter-by-chapter reading by the author

Recorded in 2019 by the author, Drew Zimmerman, this expressive and funny performance adds nuance and insight to the story of an unraveling high school English teacher. Ironically, this modern capitulation to the way people actually experience books today circumvents the whole mucky-muck of reading a text, and isn't that just the sort of society-wide deterioration of literacy Story Grammar predicts?

The audio book is provided without charge with the author's compliments and it's downloadable, too. Should you still wish to offer financial support for the hopelessly anachronistic print medium, we suggest you purchase the $12.99 Amazon paperback, now in its pristine 3rd Edition.