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Drew Zimmerman

The Story Grammar Audio Book

"A dark satire of the public schools, Story Grammar presents a tragic year at Rockland High, where a series of seeming accidents punishes violators of the sacred trust of education and exalts its champion. Can mercurial teacher Dexter Matherson be stopped before more students are killed—or learn Standard English?"

Available free with our compliments for a limited time, this chapter-by-chapter reading of the novel by its author, Drew Zimmerman, has been called, "An expressive, funny performance of a satirical confession! The audio chapters shimmer in this rendition, which gives new meaning and insight to the startling narrative of an unraveling high school teacher."

Be sure to purchase the $12.99 paperback edition from Amazon, or the $9.99 Kindle edition.

Chapter One: A Gruesome Discovery

Chapter Two: A Classroom Uproar

Chapter Three: A Student Gets Additional Support

Chapter Four: A Police Interview

Chapter Five: The Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Chapter Six: The Art Museum Field Trip

Chapter Seven: Loose in the Modern Art Collection

Chapter Eight: A Death in the Family

Chapter Nine: Picturing Invisible Man

Chapter Ten: Video of "A Dog Ate My Paper"

Chapter Eleven: A Parent/Teacher Run-In

Chapter Twelve: Show and Tell

Chapter Thirteen: A School in Mourning

Chapter Fourteen: The Class Hits Stride

Chapter Fifteen: Station to Station

Chapter Sixteen: A Pro-Safety Rally

Chapter Seventeen: Here Comes That Rainy Day

Chapter Eighteen: A Special Assignment